MACUACUA 07052017-68

Sparkling Imagination

Improvisation WORKSHOP

The inflexibility of the established paralyzes the movement, dims the ingenuity, casts a shadow
over surprise. But life force makes us adaptable, it gives us the opportunity to transform space and
to translate energy into matter, matter into its own evolution. The outline of the spontaneous is
blurred to disappear, the margins of the predictable are softened and we know the interrogation
point that questions the automatic response. The body allows us to transcend.

Horacio proposes a highly physical work that demands attention, interest and intensity rather than a
certain technique level, challenging the potentiality of each dancer to push the limits of body imagination
and expression further to discover new and surprising possibilities.

The workshop evolves with what the group offers, as the ability to create and compose physically need
training and attention as well as technique or style. Through the group process the participants learn from
each other through acceptance and transformation, collaboration and observation of their own dance
and of the whole group.

Let’s dive into the work, get the engines started and let the imagination flow!

Let’s dance!